Our Business Terms

Please read our terms of business carefully and by placing a booking with us you acknowledge these terms:

Clean Socks Floor Cleaning is part of the Dr Scrub group of cleaning companies.

  • Please provide parking, for a small van, either on a drive or outside the property.
  • Customers must inform us if access is difficult, no parking, upstairs flats as a charge of £10 will apply due to extra time needed.
  • Clean Socks Floor Cleaning always aim to be on time. Delays are possible due to heavy traffic for example and we will inform you ASAP if we are likely to be late.
  • Please note that the minimum spend per visit is £70.
  • Cancellations must be made as soon as possible and not less than 24 hours before the job.
  • Payment is on the day by cash or cheque (with guarantee card). Cheques should be payable to Dr Scrub.
  • The price payable is what we quoted we will confirm the price before we commence.
  • The prices on our website are correct.
  • An additional charge is payable of £15 per room for human or animal blood, faeces or other bodily fluids, as our equipment has to be thoroughly sterilised immediately after use.
  • Clean Socks Floor requires that rooms are as empty as possible.
  • We move light furniture, light 3 piece suites only.
  • We require access to water with a drain for waste water.
  • Stain removal cannot be guaranteed as some stains are permanent.
  • Drying times will be increased without ventilation.
  • We do not guarantee completely dry carpets.
  • If you are not delighted with any part of our work then please inform us on the day while we are in the property so it can be corrected.
  • Clean Socks Floor Cleaning reserves the right not to provide a service without giving a reason.