Deodorising Services

From cooking to kids to pets,  carpet odour is inevitable. But no one wants carpet odours to linger. Unfortunately, scented candles and sprays don’t work and only mask the odours, and they certainly can’t reach smells that are absorbed into your carpet. Clean socks floor cleaning carpet deodorisers work by neutralising them at their source.

Our trained technicians will deodorise your entire carpet straight after the steam clean, paying special attention to any problem areas. When the job is done, you’re left with clean carpet with a fresh pleasing scent.

Please be aware: The key to complete removal of carpet odours is that our product must reach all contaminated surfaces. If the origin of the odour has penetrated the carpet backing and possibly the underlay, we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odours.

Deodorising pricing

Landing £6
Bathroom £6
Box Room £7
Bedroom £11
Hallway £6
Stair Case £11
Living Room £22
Dining Room £11
Lounge Diner £25
Dining Chair £2
2 Seat Sofa £15
Foot Rest £2
3 Seat Sofa £20
Armchair £10
Corner Sofa £39
Car Seat £5
3 Piece Suite £39